If you spend just one hour per day on administrative tasks, you are spending an equivalent of six weeks per year maintaining your business.  When you outsource these tasks, you free up time to focus on areas of your business that promote growth and increase your bottom line.  Listed below are some common benefits gained from contracting virtual administration services.

  • You pay for “time on task” work, which means you pay for only time that is spent on doing YOUR work.  This is a great reduction in overhead expenses!
  • We work in “partnership” with you since your continued growth and success helps fuel our success.
  • Cost effective solution to your staffing needs.  You don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, insurance, paid vacations, holidays or sick days!
  • We do not require office space and we provide our own office equipment, including up-to-date software programs – No expense to you!
  • No legal hassles over dismissing an employee.  If you are not satisfied with the work, you simply do not renew your contract…no questions asked!
  • No expense or down time training a new employee.
  • Enables you to stay focused on the growth of your business, will allows you to still enjoy your business.
  • If your company relocates, you can still utilize our services.  Your location doesn’t impact our ability to do our job.
  • Our expertise gives you the Freedom to Take Care of Business

A+ Administration & Leasing is just a phone call or email away, which means you have access to professional office assistance when you need it”

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