Services & Rates

The list of services below is representative of what we can provide for you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have a service need that isn’t listed.  We will make every effort to accommodate your individual needs.

  • Portfolio Administration & Management.
  • MS Word – Word Processing
    • General correspondence, including letters and forms
    • Business reports and proposals including Business Plans, Tender Documents and Proposals
    • Contracts and Agreements
    • Creation of Template Documents
  • MS Excel – Spreadsheets  
    • Creation and/or maintenance of spreadsheets, including formulas, links, macros and graphs
  • MS PowerPoint – Presentations
  • Data Entry – Data Organization
  • Organization and Sorting
  • Faxing and Scanning
  • Editing and Proofreading
  • Mass Mailings / Newsletters / Bulletins
  • Resume Writing and Cover Letters

We work with clients to ensure they have the service they need for their business and clients. This includes retainer, hourly, and packages. This allows us to get to know your business and help you achieve your goals.

Retainers:  It is very important to us that we work with our clients. Retainers help us to schedule sufficient time for each client and still have time for those 'unexpected' things that happen. The retainer rate is great for those clients who are willing to consistently partner with A+ Administration & Leasing. Unused hours do not roll over to the next month. With communication and planning, this situation is unlikely to occur.

Hourly:  Sometimes you don't need a lot of hours but need the support. This can be a great way to start and you can grow into a retainer client.

Flat Fee:  Available for one-time projects based on consultation and estimate of hours required.

Packages:  Packages are great! We get away from tracking hours and dig into the work without worrying about hours.
Our rates are based on more than 20 years of professional administrative work experience, talent, skills, education, and most of all the value we will bring to your business. Our clients only pay for productive time!  Packages are developed on your business needs.

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