The Process

Step One – Go Shopping / Obtain a Vendor Quotation

Before you start the leasing process the first item you will require is a quote on the equipment you want to purchase. The quote should include all costs including optional features you want installed, shipping, extended warranties and training. Once you have the quote you go to the next step.

Step Two – Completing the Credit Application

a)    Download the appropriate lease application(s), print, complete and sign it and return to our office either via fax or email.
b)    Alternate option – go to Questor Financial Corp.’s website, click on the  button button and complete the online application.

Note:  at the top of the online application you will need to indicate who your assigned Questor Financial Corp Account Manager is.  Please select Julianne Henry

Step Three – Credit

Should we require additional information to complete the credit approval we will contact you directly to obtain supporting data.

An email will be issued to both you, the customer and to A+ Administration & Leasing advising of the credit decision, typically within 4 hours.

Step Four – Documentation

We will follow up with you to verify details of the lease approval and to answer any questions you may have prior to preparing and issuing the lease documents.

Arrangements will be made to either meet in person or to have the lease documents sent via email to you for signing.

Once we are in receipt of the signed documentation and supporting information, instructions will be sent to the vendor for the invoice.  Once the equipment is delivered and if required, installed, the vendor will forward us the invoice.

Step Five – Funding

Upon receipt of the vendor's invoice, verification of delivery is done by Questor Financial and then the lease is submitted for funding. Vendor payments are typically transferred by electronic payment and are usually processed within 24 hours of confirmation of delivery.

Step Six – Customer Service

Contact is made regularly with our customers to ensure their end of term options are exercised and updated contact information is always handy.

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