Before you apply...

What Is Lease-to-Own Financing?

Lease-to-own is an alternative method of financing that gives you the ability to lease the merchandise that you need, without cash or credit immediately available. A+ Leasing buys the merchandise from retailers and leases it to you. Once you've fulfilled the terms of your agreement, the merchandise is yours.

Standard Lease Costs and Payments

  • Our standard lease period is a maximum of 12 months.
  • Your lease includes a premium added to the cash price of the merchandise that is being leased. The total amount that you pay could be more than double the cash price of the merchandise that you are purchasing.
  • Your lease payments are due based on your pay frequency, and can be automatically deducted from the checking account that you provide during your application.

A+ Leasing Gives You Options

  • You have the ability to gain early ownership through our 90-Day Early Buyout Option, which also enables you to save on lease costs.
  • You can cancel your lease any time by notifying A+ Leasing via email ([email protected]) and returning the merchandise.

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